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8th Bi-annual BioCar Meeting

Date: November 18,2011
Location: University of Windsor
Posted 2011-03-13

Bioproducts Research Receives International Award

Posted 2011-10-13

Bioproducts Centre on National TV News

Posted 2010-05-17



Welcome to Bioproducts at Guelph!

There is an opportunity for agriculture to acquire a new relevance to the Ontario economy as a source of renewable biomass for the production of chemicals, materials, and fuels. Ontario's agricultural sector is knowledgeable and experienced in the production of a multitude of plant materials, and our manufacturing sector has a wide range of input needs, many of which are currently derived from petroleum or natural gas, but which could be derived from biomass. The challenge is to determine what crop-based materials best fit with our industrial needs in the future, and how to develop the complementary genetic, agronomic and processing components required to meet those needs.


Develop the research and development capacity to enable Ontario to become the world leader in biomaterials, with a special focus on the auto industry


Develop a collaborative interdisciplinary network, which will include biologists, engineers, and economists, as well as partners from the agricultural and manufacturing sectors.

Bioproduct Discovery & Development Centre